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    / / Health / SUPER FOODS & PLANT BASED PROTEINS 1 month set (MIX: Green Monster & Red Heat) / 240g

    SUPER FOODS & PLANT BASED PROTEINS 1 month set (MIX: Green Monster & Red Heat) / 240g




    Yup, this is SUPER FOODS & PLANT BASED PROTEINS, which isa protein brand we’re proud of!! (1 month set (MIX: Green Monster & Red Heat) )

    (1 month set (MIX: Green Monster & Red Heat) ) Have you ever be in the situation where you give up
    trying something new because there are just too many kinds of it?
    ft this is happening with your protein, let us help you out
    by explaining how different SUPER FOODS & PLANT BASED PROTEINS is from the other brands!!


    • Packed with different kinds of superfood
      Just 1 tbsp contains lots of different kinds of superfood
      that has been in our life as a natural medicine for centuries.
      It helps you not only be healthy but also shine from inside.


    • A good bye to refined-sugar and additives
      Our protein tastes so natural that people doubt if our protein
      is really a protein. Why? [t’s because we quit (a while ago)
      suger, additives and preservatives.


    •  Your body can’t help but love our protein
      even though it is claimed that over 80% of the Japanese is
      genetically intolerant to lactose, most of the protein powder
      is dairy. However, ours is not. It is made from either
      soy or pea protein, which won’t make you suffer from
      gassy stomach or constipation!!


    SUPERFOOD & PROTEIN PROTEINS WITH SUSTAINABLE SOURCES Safe & Local protein brands, using sustainable sources with a story behinds. Adaptable wellness products for the diversity diet society. Blending SUPERFOODS, Heritage meditation foods with Plant-based protein. 100% Vegan, Gluten free, No additives, Non GMO, no Dairies & refined sugars.

    SUPER FOODS & PLANT BASED PROTEINS 1 month set (MIX: Green Monster & Red Heat) / 240g
    Green Monster & Red Heat

    GREEN MONSTER: Spirulina, Yomogi, Shell Ginger, Bamboo Leaves with Amazake (Soy Protein Base)
    RED HEAT: Maca, Red Beets, Okinawa Purple Potatoes, Goji berries with Amazake (Soy Protein Base)

    The items included in the set are as follows.

    ・ Green Monster ・ 240g (12 servings) in 1 bag
    ・ Red Heat ・ 240g (12 servings) in 1 bag
    ・ One original glass shaker
    ・ One original handmade spoon that can measure 10g of protein

    (How to drink)
    Simply mix 1 bag of this product, 20g, with your favorite drink 200-250cc, such as water or almond milk.
    Enjoy with your favorite drink, such as soy milk, almond milk, oats milk, coconut water, etc., according to the nutrients you want to eat and your mood.


    (Best Time to Drink)
    Even non-exercise people can easily incorporate it into their daily lives, such as a drink after waking up in the morning or a drink before going to bed at night.
    Of course, as with regular protein, we also recommend that you consume it after exercise.

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