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    【Insect repellent】Kanful tree block 10pcs / Made in Japan


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    Size / capacity
    W21 × D9 × H19cm
    (BLOCK: W6.5 x D2.5 x H1.5 cm)
    ■ Production area: Japan
    ■ Materials / ingredients: CAMPHOR WOOD
    * 1 LOT with 1 tester block
    ■ Package: Individual packaging
    ■ Product tag: None


    ** CAMPHOR **

    “Kusunoki” is known as the “insect repellent tree”.
    It is said that “smell” and “medicine” became the etymology of “kusu” because of its unique aroma. Camphor in Dutch has been used for various purposes all over the world since ancient times, such as pharmaceuticals, fragrances, and raw materials for celluloid.


    Kusunoki’s refreshing scent, such as menthol and eucalyptus, has long been used as an insect repellent because it has the effect of repelling insects.
    A natural insect repellent called “camphor” is made by extracting and crystallizing a piece of camphor tree by steam distillation.
    Since it has excellent volatility, the scent of camphor is strong when it is taken out of the costume case, but it disappears when it is exposed to the air or the sun. Since it does not contain chemical substances, it is an insect repellent that is kind to people who are sensitive to the environment.
    Natural camphor, which used to be an industry that played a part in national interests as a monopoly product,
    Due to the widespread use of inexpensive synthetic insect repellents and the decrease in demand, only a few companies are currently producing them, which is extremely valuable.
    * Please put 2 to 3 in the drawer of the chest and 4 to 5 in the costume case in the corner.
    (Effect is about half a year)
    * When the scent has faded, add camphor oil (sold separately, part number 161099) and use it repeatedly. (* Kanfuru oil is not sold overseas.)
    Also, the scent will be restored even if you rub it with sandpaper.

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